Advisory Services


Carbon Advantage assists clients to manage emissions liabilities and navigate carbon market options, including:

  • Marginal abatement cost analysis and investment screening

  • Commercial carbon project feasibility assessments

  • Water and energy nexus sustainability strategy development

  • Sensitive sector risk management and sustainable development planning

  • Valuing carbon on the company balance sheet and maximising carbon asset returns

  • Assessments of carbon risk for investors in the Australian, New Zealand and international markets

  • Accessing carbon market and climate change capital

  • Carbon scheme compliance and audit services

  • Transaction management, legal documentation and investment structuring

  • Public relations and media

  • Corporate representation and advocacy

We were proud to be involved in the development of forest carbon sinks for a Japanese investor and major retail brand on our property. Carbon Advantage managed the entire process and provided the best market option available to us.
— Rob Youl OAM, Conservation Land Manager.