Environmental Markets & Carbon Trading


Carbon Advantage creates value for clients from deal execution and enhanced market positions from tactical trades. We specialise in:

  • Offset portfolio development for the National Carbon Offset Standard
  • Aggregation services for the New Zealand ETS
  • Buy and sell side trading strategies for international compliance and voluntary carbon trades
  • Transaction execution, procurement, asset and liability risk management
  • Carbon asset management services for project developers
  • Direct project investment and off-take agreements under Direct Action, CFI, CDM and VCS
  • APX, Markit and CTX registries and platforms
Our spot market portfolio is backed by an extensive global network with hundreds of projects and over 20 million carbon units under management. We have a highly experienced team with a strong track record in medium to large voluntary and compliance trades in the Asia Pacific including with ASX listed companies and State Governments.
— Matthew Reddy, Executive Director Carbon Advantage